Look for Mystery #1 -- The Mystery of the Old Black Diary, available now at Amazon in both print and as an ebook and from Barnes and Noble as a Nook book.

Grade 3-6 – Moving to a new town and starting at a new school might be tough for the Morgan sisters, but what about moving into a haunted house?

When Ashlynn discovers an old black diary in the attic, she gets more than she bargained for. The diary belongs to the ghost of a young girl, whose decades-old disappearance has stumped the town. Forming the Sister Detective Club, the girls dig right into the cold-case. Can they help poor Sarah and solve the mystery of the old black diary?

Want more mysteries? Book Two is Now Available at Amazon in print and ebook and Barnes and Noble as an ebook

Mystery #2 - The Mystery at 321 Chestnut Street

Grades 3-6— Who would have thought that beneath the vast flowering magnolia tree at 321 Chestnut Street, rested a 19th century grave—and a one-hundred-fifty year old ghost that needs help finding her husband who went missing during the height of the Civil War?

Certainly not the Morgan girls—Sister Detectives. With the help of an odd cat, Ashlynn, Dania and Lizzie will uncover the secrets their haunted house has held for over a century—all while Ashlynn deals with a school bully and learns the true meaning of friendship.

And coming Summer, 2012-- Mystery #3 - The Mount Falls Ghost Mystery